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Japanese elements
of water and stone

Gardens of the World – A Walk in the Park with LensBaby. (Map this!)

In our quest for the outdoors, we often ignore beauty in our own backyard. The San Francisco Bay Area is so full of picturesque hikes that we rarely visit the beautiful parks that the city offers – Golden Gate Park with its Japanese Tea Garden, the Arboretum and the Conservatory and the small but pretty Yerba Buena Gardens set amongst the busy downtown cityscape.

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Slickrock Trail

They trudge part way down the Slickrock Trail. At a very tippy point they turn back. Prudently.(Map this!)

Fear is an emotion that can be crippling. Sometimes it stands between you and your objective and tells you “Its not possible”, or “You are not good enough to do this task”, or ten thousand other confidence sapping things. When I planned this expedition I had all sorts of fears – how will I deal with corrupt cops, or border crossings, or break downs, or thieves and robbers. Will I find a job when I get back, if I get back? The fears concern mostly that which I know little about; all can be categorized as one type of fear, the fear of the unknown.

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The Corral Hollow run presents some interesting problems. Mt. Reba is tame by comparison.(Map this!)

When the tires are not fully inflated care must be taken to not drive too fast on asphalt as this can cause the tire to heat up, or make any sudden turns at high speed as this can cause the bead to pop. The caravan of FJ Cruisers, one each of every color in the 2007 model year, moved slowly to the Corral Hollow trail head. The trial was rated as “Moderate”, similar to a blue run in skiing.

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On Top of the World

The first of several off road trips to test the truck and the equipment occurs.(Map this!)

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The Peel River Googly

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Man in a Yellow Jacket

First setback encountered.

We did not spend much time planning the northern part of the drive. After all this is the United States and Canada, right? What could possibly go wrong?

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