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Monthly Archive for October, 2007

West Dawson awaits the “freeze up”

Happy in Dawson

Happy in Dawson

Dawson City at 64 degrees North – West Dawson and the freeze-up.

We are at a Greek restaurant in Dawson City, 64 degrees North. Dawson is a beautiful little town which hibernates in the winter. It wakes up for the Yukon Quest, a 1000 mile dog sled race from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon in the dead of winter. Nestling along the banks of Yukon and Klondike rivers, it boasts unpaved roads and brightly colored Victorian houses.

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Frontier Life


On the Road

Vast empty spaces make room for contemplation. Some thoughts on lifestyle choices we make. (Map this!)

The drive has taken us through some vast empty spaces. The empty space is like a canvas where humans have made their mark, made according to who they are. Actually I should say who we are, since we are all connected with the common thread of humanity. What we do and who we are is reflected very strongly here in the emptiness, almost in a cartoonish way, with thick Illustrator Beziers.

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Deadlines in our days

Cool Sculpture

Olympic Sculpture
Garden, Seattle

We are driven by deadlines. Peel River ferry closes. The journey in pictures. (Map this!)

We are driven by deadlines. We have deadlines because we have weather patterns to observe, lessons to take, people to meet. You would think that fifteen months off would allow a leisurely drive through the countryside, stopping wherever fancy takes us.

We were trying to beat the closure of the Peel River ferry. We just found out that’s closed already. […]

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Happy Birthday, Neena

A grand wine

1966 L’Angelus

Neena’s 41st birthday celebrated in grand style. A snowy drive along the river. 1737.9 miles into the long drive. (Map this!)

Finding a restaurant in Dawson Creek that had a corkage policy proved difficult. The best establishment in town, connected to the local Super 8, seated us at first but then server came up a few minutes later saying that “according to the manager our liquor license doesn’t allow it”. Given that the bottle was a 1966 L’Angelus that we had been saving for Neena’s birthday we decided to try else where. The second restaurant we tried the server said “I don’t think I have ever been asked about a corkage policy”. Bad sign. It was time for take-out, some pizza and Sicilian pasta.

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The journey in pictures


The drive has been pretty spectacular even though we took I-5. (Map this!)

We simply love California and Oregon, even though our stay has been brief. Tall snow capped volcanoes framed by foothills, beautiful fall foliage of red and yellow, serene rivers, and ocean side ports.

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