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The power of
the consumer

The internet and its reach gives a powerful voice…with possibly far reaching consequences.

While searching for a place to stay in Bozeman, Shreesh ran into the description for a B&B … “Room was nice but so and so made it hell” I wonder what those innkeepers had done to the guy to make him strike back so vengefully. One reveiw like that could put the kabash on a small inn. (Needless to say, we did not stay there).

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Montana border

“Welcome back! Hope you do not get hit by an exploding tree!” – US Customs officer at the Montana border.

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Death of a friend


Serene but deadly

Pietro – un’uomo perduto alla montagna

I can’t believe it. It is horrifying, sad, incomprehensible. A young man so full of life, killed by the vagaries of weather. An aesthete who shared so many interests in common with us. A lover of art, food, wine, Italian, outdoors.

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Highway of Tears

Going going...

A tranquil stretch of road.
But is all as it seems?

Why are we so eager to believe the worst?

Driving along Canada Highway 16 we came across a curious and ghastly billboard that proclaimed it the Highway of Tears. Pictures of young girls, “Killer on the loose”, and the Highway number surrounded with little cartoon tears […]

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Dease Lake

“I hope I have brain tumor… it will be an excuse to get out of Dease Lake” – Waitress at Mama Z’s, Dease Lake, BC

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