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Monthly Archive for December, 2007

The Strange and the Familiar

Happy in Dawson


Seeking a balance between the new and the old, exploring and keeping the comforts of everyday life.

We seek the new and the unfamiliar. A good friend of ours (A certain Mr. Fredrick Gault) once asked us why we wanted to start teleskiing when we were such good downhill skiers. And as we ski precariously balanced in the tele position, trying to stay away from inept skiers careening downhill on intermediate slopes, I ask myself the same thing.

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What of Beauty?

Yellowstone National Park

In Yellowstone
National Park

A trip to Yellowstone is reminiscent of Canto thirteen of the Inferno.

This last trip to Yellowstone I couldn’t help but think of Canto thirteen, where Dante describes a walk through the wood of suicides. The souls of those who took their lives are entombed in trees without leaves which are not straight but knotty and deformed.

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Wilderness EMT – Blast or Burden?


Outside the classroom
Teton Science School

Classes at Kelly were hard work and no play – but the surroundings were beautiful

We have been living in a monastery. Or that’s what it felt like. Get up at 5am. Study. Breakfast at 7am. Kitchen duty. Classes from 8am to 5pm. Study again till 6pm. Dinner; more study or practice sessions till 10pm. And over again. Weekends ER (Emergency Room) rotations or study. No Alcohol. Spartan accomodations in bunks. Keep your areas clean; no cycling on campus.

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Death in Lander

Vat are you zinking about?


Death in the modern world is a pretty violent affair.

It is a given that as an EMT you will see some gruesome things. Things that most people won’t see or others in the medical profession will just shrug off as normal. I never expected to see someone die on my second day of ER rotations, but there it was.

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Hey Dave – Do you mind if I take the head? (Unnamed motorist)

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