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Monthly Archive for May, 2008

Of cities and cemeteries

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Grave sculptures

Recoleta – a Parisian lunch – the grand cemetery of Granada (Map this!)

I love visiting cemeteries. After seeing Recoleta in Buenos Aires I was hooked. It is amazing to see the grand structures that people build for their dead, elaborate memorials with statues, stained glass and Corinthian pillars.

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Oh no, the dreaded poop post!

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In Colonial Granada

An all-important topic – A unhygienic place – Roadside explosion

So far I have kept off that all-important topic that every traveler obsesses about, enquires about, and frets about. The topic is that of ones bowels. For over 200 days, I can happily report that my bowels were WNL (Within-Normal-Limits). But now they are grumpily complaining and making themselves known.

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TV and internet

“I always look for TV before I look for internet” – Describing hotel preferences, overheard at Munchie’s cafe in Utila

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Snorkeling in Utila

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Grey Angelfish
©Cristian Pi

Snorkeling in the heat and sandflies – Escape to the cayes – Why people move

Mosquitoes, Sandflies and stifling heat were our first, second and last impressions of Utila. We were in the Honduran Bay Islands, famous for its diving. Specifically, Utila is the bargain hunters windfall where you can find the cheapest and best diving schools in the world. So we were told.

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A Farewell to the Maya


At Copan

A major phase comes to an end – Santo Domingo vs. Maya Ruins

For the past few months we have been exploring the ruined cities of the Maya. Quirigua and Copan, which grew in splendid isolation, were the last of the major sites that we visited. Hopefully our obsession with this corner of archaelogy did not bore you all too much :)

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