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Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Videoblog: The Pantanal

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Through the lens

A swampy paradise – Tranpantaneira – Dangerous Jobs for Women. (Map this!)

The Pantanal is a tropical wetland in Brazil, a swampy paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. During the rainy season, a large part of the Pantanal is inaccessible due to flooding. The Transpantaneira road is a gravel road 147 kms long with almost as many bridges spanning it.

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Taking chances

“We take chances, but like to stack the odds in our favor”. Shreesh Taskar, while debating whether to turn back from the Amazonian adventure.

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Almost There and Back Again

In the Japanese Tea Gardens

Black Sunday- Gasohol – Blue Monday – Goodbye to Brazil. (Map this!)

Nov 23rd, 2008: Black Sunday. Today was the worst day on our trip. Today, we found out that highest grade Brazilian gas that we have been filling in our car contains more than 20% (23%, to be exact) alcohol. This much alcohol can be damaging to the car’s fuel system and can cause major problems like fuel pump malfunction. So, we have decided to abandon our grand Amazonian adventure and leave Brazil by the shortest route.

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Driving in mud

“When encountering water or mud crossings, (drive) as fast as necessary and as slow as possible”. – Advice on driving through mud from “Shadow Warrior” on the FJ Cruiser Forum.

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Early morning

Points of view – Meeting birding – Meeting Photographers – The Pantanal & Photography. (Map this!)

One of our favorite movies is Akira Kuroawa’s “Rashomon“. It relates the story of a murder from four different viewpoints, including the victim’s. I often think how applicable it is in everything that we do, from work to family to traveling. In the rainforest one person sees colorful birds and beautiful insects, another sees discomfort, mosquitoes and heat. Some people reverently see ancient deities in high mountains while others see an irresistible challenge beckoning to them. A hike can be done at a quick, uniform pace that brings color to the cheeks or it can be done at a deliberately slow pace to observe wildlife.

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