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Monthly Archive for May, 2009

John Steinbeck and Us

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Palacio Barolo

“Once a bum, always a bum”

Our Book Club from a former life is reading John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”. We picked up a copy since we will be returning to normal life soon and hope to pick up the threads from where we left off. I do not know whether they chose this book on purpose or whether it is just a conincidence, but no book could be more appropriate to read at this time, to follow the beginning of a journey as we approach the end of ours. Our experinces are fresh in our minds, and it is interesting to compare them with another’s. All the quotes in this article are from this book, John Steinbeck’s “Travles with Charley”.

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San Francisco

We are back in San Francisco, after 37,766.2 miles on A Long Drive.

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A trip

“A trip…is an entity…It has personality, temperament, individuality, uniqueness”. – John Steinbeck in “Travels with Charley”.

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Paean of Buenos Aires

Esq. Pasco y Moreno The sound of English is loathsome. The syllables of the guttural tongue scratch my eardrums like cat claws. New York City is surprisingly clean and mature leafy trees shade the small streets of the Upper East Side which are filled with rich young mothers out for a stroll with their babies […]

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We are in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, visiting family. That much closer to home after 37,766.2 miles on A Long Drive.

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