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Deadlines in our days

Cool Sculpture

Olympic Sculpture
Garden, Seattle

We are driven by deadlines. Peel River ferry closes. The journey in pictures. (Map this!)

We are driven by deadlines. We have deadlines because we have weather patterns to observe, lessons to take, people to meet. You would think that fifteen months off would allow a leisurely drive through the countryside, stopping wherever fancy takes us.

We were trying to beat the closure of the Peel River ferry. We just found out that’s closed already. But this wasn’t critical to the Northern section of our trip. The destination is the drive itself, going through the varied territory and landscapes we would never have occasion to see otherwise.

Varied scenery greets us as we move north


6 Responses to “Deadlines in our days”

  1. Pramod Taskar says:

    Any idea about the next destination? Plans for crossing the Pearl River?
    Aai & Daddy

  2. Shreesh says:

    We are now headed to Dawson City, from where we get on the Dempster Highway. If the ferry is not running I doubt the Peel River ice will support the weight of the FJ this early

  3. Fred says:

    Are the roads paved so far? How are the accomodations?

  4. Chris says:

    Ah! I am glad you saw a fine Moose specimen! Did you happen upon any more “meese”?

  5. Shreesh says:

    Fred –

    The roads have been paved, albeit that term is applied loosely, especially on the Klondike Highway. You won’t believe how fast Canadians drive on icy roads. We’ve going 65mph on smooth ice and we still get passed!

    Chris –
    We were lucky to see two bucks down the road, with full racks!

  6. Galan says:

    Love those Pyramids!

    BTW, a belated Happy Birthday, Neena! :) I wanted to call on Saturday, but then I saw you’d crossed over into ET (“expensive territory”). 😉

    Nice moose! Reminds me of Northern Exposure. Might have to break out my DVD set. 😉

    Safe travels!

    — Galan

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