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Death of a friend


Serene but deadly

Pietro – un’uomo perduto alla montagna

I can’t believe it. It is horrifying, sad, incomprehensible. A young man so full of life, killed by the vagaries of weather. An aesthete who shared so many interests in common with us. A lover of art, food, wine, Italian, outdoors.

I saw Peter Noble in Italian class every week for many years, but our friendship did not go much further than that. He was among the best students. Whenever it was his turn to read aloud we had to sit up and pay attention because he would read as if Italian was his first language. He was well-read, unassuming and always present.

Peter died last weekend at Yosemite after a successful climb of Cathedral Peak. I wish I had gotten to know him better. We grieve for him.

6 Responses to “Death of a friend”

  1. Jerzy says:

    This is sad and disturbing. I read the headline in the newspaper, looked at the picture – it did not remind me of anyone I knew (and I never knew Pietro’s last name) only to find out from you who he was.
    Truly tragic.

  2. Neena says:

    I will give Liz your email address to make sure that you receive the updates and info about services.

  3. Vinay says:

    Very sorry to hear that. Looks like Yosemite can be very dangerous during bad weather.

  4. Pramod Taskar says:

    I am writing in marathi in english script. “Gele te Deva Ghari gele. Thance Sone Zale. Apan aple Dheya rakha we.” My condolences to Noble’s family members and to you both.
    Take care

  5. shanta auntie says:

    I am sorry to read about Peter. It’s always hard to see the young one go. He is gone while doing what he loved. Not that it makes any less painful. I pray for his soul.

  6. Suhasini Taskar says:

    Dear Shreesh & Neena,
    Daddy and I share sorrow with you for the loss of your friend. The beauty of nature has to be appreciated but at the same time respected with caution.
    Of course, what can I advice you and Neena who have tremendous experience in mountain climibing when you have successfully climbed mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Andes in South America?
    I tried to find your current location in the map but it seems it is not updated recently. So where are you now?
    With Love

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