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Frontier Life


On the Road

Vast empty spaces make room for contemplation. Some thoughts on lifestyle choices we make. (Map this!)

The drive has taken us through some vast empty spaces. The empty space is like a canvas where humans have made their mark, made according to who they are. Actually I should say who we are, since we are all connected with the common thread of humanity. What we do and who we are is reflected very strongly here in the emptiness, almost in a cartoonish way, with thick Illustrator Beziers.

Teslin Lake welcomes you with brightly painted hand-hewn signs. Surrounded by mountains the lake is dotted with houses, artist shops, and even a small museum dedicated to native history. Who lives here and are they happy? Or do they have that common small town desire to escape, to leave, to be among the city lights? I’m just passing through and I cannot know the answers…


Mile 0 perry-crossing

Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway

Perry River Crossing


Fort St. John announces its presence with the stink of natural gas. What’s that stuff they put in gas that makes it reek? Wide roads lead to the gleaming Wal-Mart, Safeway, and other large corporate big boxes. It is a place of progress, a regional hub where the locals from all around can get their Wal-Mart fix. The town seems prosperous, gravid with economic well-being. But is it a fair trade, prosperity for the stink of farts all the time?

Out here the individual communities seem bigger than ever. But so do the corporations.

3 Responses to “Frontier Life”

  1. fearghal says:

    loving your trip so far guys. MORE PICTURES!! safe travels.

  2. Pramod Taskar says:

    Has river frozen? Any idea about how you are going to cross?
    Pramod Taskar

  3. Neena says:

    So far the Peel River has frozen and is open to traffic. The ARctic Red River is still closed.

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