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A late start from Mill Valley and successful innkeepers. 253 miles into the long drive. (Map this!)

What a surprise, we got a late start from Mill Valley. While parked in Barbara Kosnar’s driveway we added the shovel mounts from Fourtreks and slipped on the cable buddies to protect the parking brake cable. By the time we were underway our favorite Buddhist Cafe was closed so we had to satisfy ourselves with a solidly mediocre Chinese Rest. next to it. NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS!!!

We didn’t get very far, and decided to make a detour to Chico, CA. This is the old haunt of Galan Bridgman, Bob Zunino personal trainer and Michael Guttman so we had to visit! In Chico we still feel the gravitational pull of San Francisco since so many we know have such a strong connection to this place.

Galan recommended a wonderful B&B, the Johnson Country Inn. The hosts regaled us with the tales of their travels so much so that I asked “How do you travel so much with an Inn?” He responded that “Oh, we’re not very successful.” I disagreed. He is the one who is successful, not the others who are slaves to their profit and their things. One day they will realize that their life has gone by and they haven’t lived it to the fullest. Dave, on the other hand, will revel in his unsuccess.

9 Responses to “Being unsuccessful leads to success”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey guys,

    If you are going up I-5 today, and plan on going through Yreka, stop at “Grandma’s” Diner. Best cup of coffe I have ever had, period. Not hard to find, there is only 1 road in Yreka.


  2. Trainer Bob says:

    Hey Travelers,

    Thanks for remembering my old haunts. If your still in town try Sierra Nevada Brewery for food also near campus is Madison Bear Garden. A very unique place is all I can say. Safe travels. I could tell you lots of stories about my days in Chico but you might be a little too young for those kind of things.

  3. Shreesh says:

    Chris –

    I saw your comment just yards from the exit to Yreka! We pulled off immediately for coffee! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Trainer Bob –

    With your boyish good looks and a town like Chico the possibilities are endless. I’m sure you have some great tales, maybe one of these days I can pump some Sierra Nevada into you to hear them!

  4. Fred says:

    So, how was the coffee? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Shreesh says:

    The coffee, hmmmm, was above average. But with all due deference to Chris, not stellar. The atmosphere, though was nice and cozy, so we had a fun little break!

  6. Charlotte says:

    So, did you stock up at Powell’s books? That’s my first port of call in Portland — and my sister lives there. Love your posts.

  7. Shreesh says:

    Hi Charlotte –

    We did not get a chance to make the pilgrimmage to Powells. The car is too full of stuff anyway so we don’t have much of a chance to buy anything more.

    We’re still trying to make good time, time to head up north and get back to our EMT program in Wyoming!

  8. The Rozmus says:

    When will you start EMT training?

  9. Shreesh says:

    We start the EMT training November 19th, so we gotta haul butt to make it!

    I almost got to use my CPR here – an overturned mini-van on the Caribou Highway was laying on its top in a ditch. The occupants had made it out, though, looking at the footprints.

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