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Casper Lift

Vista from Jackson
Hole Ski Resort

Jackson becomes a second home for us, with new friends and adventures. (Map this!)

When friends buy us dinner or take us out to the movies I gladly accept their generosity since I know that sooner or later I will return the favour because friendship is a long term relationship and over the course of a friendship such things even out eventually. But the kindness of strangers is another matter altogether and is surprisingly difficult to accept.


Our cottage on a snowy day (which is often!)

To accept help from someone one has to admit that they are in need and given my strong independent streak I have a lot of trouble admitting that I am in need. The Automotive Technology courses and the EMT training are an example of how we are moving towards greater and greater self-sufficiency so we are in a particularly independent mood.

But life has a way of teaching you lessons that you may not want to learn. Hitting that Elk has been a low point in this trip and we were in need of cheering up in the worst way. At this low point Dean Ecklin and his girlfriend Christy Ball stepped in with an incredible act of generosity and offered us the use of their wonderful property in Jackson for as long as we needed. Christy said, “You have to stop and make time to pickup gifts along the way”

Cabin View

Our backyard in Jackson

The beautiful surroundings and the warm hospitality has made our spirits soar. I do believe that when you need it the most our neighbors, friends, or complete strangers come forth with unexpected treasures. During our trip we will pay forward this generosity and make our fellow travelers smile, if only for the moment…

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  1. madhuri says:

    Wonderful! Your present neighborhood looks lovely. i am sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pay it forward!
    Wish you guys a happy and healthy 2008!


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