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That which sustains life

Vat are you zinking about?


A reflection on mountains and friends. 829 miles into the long drive. (Map this!)

Every time I pass Mount Shasta I feel a bevy of emotions. When we climbed it in 1998 we trained like we had never before and that was the beginning of our workout ethic. The training was long and hard and the climb was long and hard. In many ways Mount Shasta has given us our health and the discipline to maintain it. It is a gift beyond measure. The ice blue crevasses and the tumbled lego blocks of the ice falls were an added bonus. It is here where we discovered that we didn’t much like ice climbing, and how to travel on glaciers, and that a baggie filled with snow buried deep can almost hold the weight of 8 people.

Mount Shasta

A highlight of California, Mount Shasta towers over the surrounding peaks

Mountains sustain life. And friends sustain life. We are still close enough to our former city that many of our friends who used to live there have spread out to Portland and to Seattle. A cocoon of familarity and comfort surrounds those cities. After that we really venture out, to new places and new friends.

3 Responses to “That which sustains life”

  1. Fred says:

    A baggie full of snow can also cool a can of beer. A much better use IMHO.

  2. Shreesh says:

    heh, heh. Make sure it ain’t yellow!

  3. Pramod Taskar says:

    Finally started. We are stuck in Pune and hope to return back soon. Keep in touch. Unless we make a valient effort, we cannot read your writeup as power failures in Pune are often and access to internet is limited. I have successfully block my worries about you two. Hope to meet you in Wyoming.


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