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Dell Inspiron Review

This is one of those situations where words fail, truly and utterly. The crude form of expression known as human language lacks the proper descriptors for the foetid, festering, heap of dung that this piece of equipment is. It is unquestionably the worst piece of technology that has entered my life in the past five years.

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The Dell craps out. Again.

The problems first started three days after the warranty expired and I could not just return the reeking, pustulent, piece of ordure back to the steaming cow-turd of a company that made this offal. All tech support calls were routed to India where the supremely incompetent staff made me try one useless step after another. I was ready to wash my hands off this fly-infested stink-heap but Neena took over the arbitration and somehow managed to get a refurb. unit as a replacement.

Although I would not counsel anyone from against buying DELL. I simply suggest that before buying a Dell, go to the local SportsMart and buy yourself a Louisville Slugger. One of those nice wooden ones. Then proceed to bludgeon yourself with it, preferably till you pass out. If you like that feeling, go ahead and buy Dell!

Update:Not only is the computer piece of shit but the power supply sucks ass too. It died out on the Galapagos islands and had to be replaced in Quito for $106.

2 Responses to “Dell Inspiron Review”

  1. Shreesh says:

    After that cathartic rant here is a non-emotional desrciption of what happened:

    >Two days after when I could have returned the Inspiron the sound card began working intermittently. After a six hour phone support session with India it was sent to the service center.

    >Two weeks later the Dell was back. The tech notes said that they had replaced the motherboard – this did absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem. Another six hour session with tech support failed to solve the problem.

    >I requested a replacement unit, they flatly refused. I turned over the case to Neena and she somehow managed to get a refurb. unit.

    >The refurb unit died in San Cristobal de Las Casas. One of the one gig SIMMs and the hard disk were both kaput. We replaced the HD at extremely high prices in Mexico.

    >India tech support was uniformly bad. I reseated modems, reformatted hard-disks, sent the unit back to service. Despite all these measures Dell refused to replace the computer. It was the worst support experience, by far.

  2. Fred says:

    I was going to buy a DELL but then decided it would be more fun and less expensive to gouge my eyes out with a dull soup spoon. The DELL may be a reeking pile of rotting pig offal but at least Windows XP sucks. Also, we should not ignore the fact that Michael Dell gave 100% of his PAC money to the Republican party.