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Lessons in Macro Photography

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Golden Orb

An Active Participant – To Better Macro Photographs

Macro photography requires concentration on technique and thus makes the photographer a very active participant in the picture taking process. With the wonderful cameras of today it is all to easy to just point the lens and click away and have the image captured within five seconds or less of having concieved it. Macro is very unforgiving of this quick approach – indeed it is difficult to capture a good macro image without significant thought and planning. In this post I will talk about some of the lessons learned from our new hobby, which are applicable to general picture taking as well.

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The Costa Rican Adventure

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Neena at the beach

Closure of the Pan American – Water shortage – On the road to Corcovado – Luna Lodge

“No hay paso”. The Pan American has been closed since the tropical storm “Alma” wreaked havoc in Costa Rica. After losing our water again in another lodge (although briefly) we filled up ten gallons at the friendly police station close to Alajuela, which is a suburb of San Jose. The concerned police offered us showers too. We have been dragging those ten gallons all over Costa Rica with us just in case the water does the disappearing act again.

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Storms and Border Crossings

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At the Doka Coffee Plantation

Eager helpers and delinquents – Fumigation – The rogue Lester – Howling winds – Muddy white waters

“Guide? Guide? You need?” We were being besieged with faces of every size and shape pressed on windows on both sides of the car by individuals eager to help us, for a tip, of course. Meanwhile the efficient immigration officer was bravely trying to shout above the din to give us the correct information – for no fee.

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