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Lost In Translation

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Expensive laundries – FJ gets a chassis wash – an unimposing UNESCO site – Parking in Panama City

“Lost in Translation” was not one of my favorite movies. While watching it, it seemed slow and boring. However, this movie has been more often in my thoughts than ever before. Our situation just begs for misunderstanding on a grand scale. The cultural differences, added to the language difference, are the perfect recipe for disaster.

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Videoblog: Ocean to Ocean

From the Pacific to the Atlantic – Making of a video (Map this!)

The Panama Canal is a true marvel of engineering and medicine. Built against all odds, it was completed in 1914 and had a profound effect on the history of this small country. Last Saturday we boarded a ship to do a full transit of the canal, from ocean to ocean.

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Shipping from Panama to Columbia

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Shipping Inspector

Over the Darien Gap – A saint – Dyslexic border agent – Exit papers – Dirty Colon

Many who have gone before us have said the the process of shipping their vehicle over the Darien Gap has been the toughest and most trying part of the trip. Luckily for us we took advantage of their research and though it has been a long and frustrating process, akin to sticking your head in a blender, we have known full well what we were getting into. But, knowing that you have to stick your head in a blender doesn’t make it any easier.

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A Tale of Two Wines

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Inky Fruit

A multi-dimensional experience – Pregnant vixen – Of smoky rooms and goat ears – Spring of hope

Wine has an amazing ability to grab the imagination and cement into memory a time, a place, and a mood. This makes drinking wine a multi-dimensional experience – recalling past experiences and strengthening or creating future points of reference. Memory is tricky and selective and many times we only remember what we want to remember and over time we forget that, replacing the actual memory of those events with the distilled version. The ordinary sunset takes on hues of peach and rose that never existed, the old boss who was simply incompetent becomes an evil flagellating ogre, a cherished uncle a saint who can do no wrong.

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Life in the City

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Teatro Nacional

Life in the city – Waiting to board in Panama City.

We are both city people. When people ask me “Why do you like the city? It is so crowded!”, I always find it hard to answer. It is precisely that crowded hubub that I like, almost like being part of a living organism. I cannot explain the thrill I experience by the sights, sounds and smells of a living city, the feeling of belonging to a huge social entity, the cafes, the bookstores and the history around me.

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