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Death of a friend


Serene but deadly

Pietro – un’uomo perduto alla montagna

I can’t believe it. It is horrifying, sad, incomprehensible. A young man so full of life, killed by the vagaries of weather. An aesthete who shared so many interests in common with us. A lover of art, food, wine, Italian, outdoors.

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Highway of Tears

Going going...

A tranquil stretch of road.
But is all as it seems?

Why are we so eager to believe the worst?

Driving along Canada Highway 16 we came across a curious and ghastly billboard that proclaimed it the Highway of Tears. Pictures of young girls, “Killer on the loose”, and the Highway number surrounded with little cartoon tears […]

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Avalanche* in Stewart, BC



2007 avalanche destroyed a lot of houses in Stewart, BC
(Map this!)

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On the Cassiar Highway


Scenery along the
Cassiar Highway

The Cassiar Highway comes with high recommendations and high expectations. But is winter the right season to drive it?

It is perfectly clear that we are here in the off-season – many shops closed for the season, inns are shuttered, gas pumps switched off. This is a harsh and remote land and coming here in the winter makes it more so. We need to be more independent, more self sufficient. Up North, by Dawson City and the Dempster the winter scenery has been spectacular and what is more, it has been clear that it NEEDS to be winter to get that imagery.

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At the Igloo Church


The Igloo Church
Inuvik, NWT

There is not much to do in the small hamlet of Inuvik. Going to a very invigorating mass at the Igloo Church.

The Peel river politely froze over so we could drive across, but the MacKenzie refused to cooperate and our forward progress was halted at Fort McPherson. We had almost given up on reaching Inuvik […]

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