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Paean of Buenos Aires

Esq. Pasco y Moreno The sound of English is loathsome. The syllables of the guttural tongue scratch my eardrums like cat claws. New York City is surprisingly clean and mature leafy trees shade the small streets of the Upper East Side which are filled with rich young mothers out for a stroll with their babies […]

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A Divine Comedy

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The Divine Comedy and the Story of a Merchant’s Dream.
(Map this!)

Nel mezzo del camin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva scura,
chè la dritta via era smarrita

Dante Alighieri, “L’Inferno”


With these famous lines we enter hell. Or rather, the first (ground) floor of Palacio Barolo, the product of a fantastic dream of a rich textile merchant of twentieth century Argentina, Luis Barolo.

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Traveling forever

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Palacio Barolo

Southern South America – Terminus – Long term Travel – The Travelers – The Nature of Long Term Travel – Going Home

At its Southern tip South America looks like an inverted cone, squeezing all travelers into a limited area. Thus, it seemed to us that the continent was suddenly full of overlanders from Europe, America and Australia. In contrast to the rest of our journey, we were greeting at least one expedition vehicle a day.

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Contemplating Koi

To a certain extent this post assumes familiarity with the Borges’ short story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”, which you can find here.

The freeways around Buenos Aires form a vast labyrinth with snaking asphalt paths. “Take that exit. No that one, THAT exit!” “Fuck! We almost got creamed by that bus, you’re going to get us killed!” “Shit! Is this where we’re supposed to be?” “We’re lost. Where the fuck are we going?” “I don’t know. According to the GPS we’re right where we’re supposed to be.” “Okay, we’re on Pasco. And there’s Moreno.” “Here it is. WTF. Where are we?

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When the dead travel

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Recoleta – Real estate of the dead – A deadly Merry-go-round – Rest-in-peace? (Map this!)

“La Recoleta” is a famous barrio, or neighborhood, of Buenos Aires. It brings to mind the old and lofty mansions, dignified open air cafes and the exclusive cemetery of Recoleta.

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