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Learning Languages

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An Old Hobby

Easily measured – Latest target – A word for bread

For the first time in a long time we are in a position where we do not know the local language. Learning languages is addictive and to feed this addiction we travel. There are few goals where ones progress can be simply and easily measured. Mountain climbing in one of them – keep one foot in front of the other and you make progress towards your simple goal; if you turn around then no more progress is made and the goal is not reachable. Similarly, when learning a language you get instant feed back on how well you are progressing by gradually increasing comprehension and communication.

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Frank Gagliardi

Professor Frank Gagliardi
lecturing to his students

The process of getting an education in Automotive Technology is described. The personalities and travails thereof. A discussion of why the class is endangered.

The biggest and scariest unknown on this trip was automotive technology since neither Neena nor I had the slightest inkling, the briefest […]

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Free At Last

Free at Last

Petrale Sole accompanies
a 1995 Dom Perignon

Free at Last – Broken window follows Ganesh celebrations – a celebratory meal with Dom

Lying on the beach. Reading by the swimming pool. Getting up late and “veggying out”. Alluring as these may sound, our vacations never seem to follow this dream holiday.

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Ganesh Puja!


Colorful Ganesh Idol

The beginning of a large enterprise requires a Ganesh Puja. The festivities described.

We first started the tradition of hosting Ganesh in 1996 and have had one every single year since with two exceptions. The fact that we do this is somewhat odd since I am a devout atheist and Neena’s religious preference is unstated. But even an atheist […]

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Bad Ass!

Akimbo Ninjas!
(Map this!)

Leaving a job is never easy, especially when I know that I will not be seeking another one for at least fifteen months. At the end of those fifteen months I know not what the job market be like. A twenty+ year career in the high-tech industry has provided us with the financial stability for our long expeditions and explorations. It has been a fun ride but now who knows […]

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