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Traveling with Technology


The philosophy of

Staying connected with technology – The philosophy of traveling

We are driving along mountain highways among fall colors. The beautiful snowy cone of Mt Shasta occasionally peeks through the colorful trees. The vista dissolves into the pastoral plains of Portland spectacularly crowned with Mt Hood in the east and Rainier towards the north. A gentle shower greets us on crossing the Columbia river. We are driving to the strains of “Amadeus”.

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Canon EOS 20D

Shreesh Taskar

Man in a
Yellow Jacket

The Canon EOS 20D is an able machine – do we dare use it?

Our main camera body is the Canon 20D that we purchased in August 2005 in preparation for the Peru trip. We dragged it all over Peru on several backpacking trips and it has proved to be pretty rugged with its magnesium and leather case […]

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Zeiss Optics


A consideration for birding.

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It is an utter and complete surprise to find bugs in the pre-alpha version of the blog.

A cursory inspection revealed that the links from the info windows on the google maps page were rendering into the iFrame and not loading a new page.

The solution to this was to replace the href’s with a teeny bit of JavaScript to make it work, but if I did that it would break the KML for Google Earth. Rock (me) Hard Place.

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Getting the site to support Google Earth and Google Maps presents some challenges. After much travail the battle is won.

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