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Below are some of the most enjoyable food we had on our trip. It includes everything from expensive restaurants to street food.

     • North America           • Central America           • South America     


Food in North America

Wild Ginger, Seattle, WA, [USA]

This is a really fabulous restaurant in Seattle. The food is Asian fusion. We had a white salmon there prepared with olive oil, garlic and bok choy, along with a curry flavored seafood soup.

Koshu Wine bar, Jackson, WY, [USA]

The only restaurant where the wine list is the wine store at the back. You peruse the menu, then walk around the wine store to find the perfect wine for the meal. Dinner is served tapas style, a number of Asian fusion small plates.

Nikai Sushi, Jackson, WY, [USA]

Wonderful sushi creations – whether you want simple sashimi or creatively crafted small plates. The wine list is extensive.

Chef’s table, Jackson, WY, [USA]

This great place was a life saver for us. Stuck eating the “wholesome” food served at Kelly campus of the Teton Science School, we looked forward to weekends when we could have the delicious entrĂ©es from Chef’s table. When we were staying at Christy’s place waiting for the car being fixed, this became a regular stop for us, a fancy meal reasonable priced, a much better alternative to venturing out in the cold Jackson winter! Some favorites were the meat lasagna, shiitake mushrooms and pork tenderloin.

Passionfish, Pacific Grove, CA, [USA]

Wonderful seafood restaurant in the Pacific Grove. I remember entering the place and thinking – “Let’s not order the fish here”! You could smell the strong, pungent aroma of frying fish out the doors. But the black cod on the menu explained everything. Black cod is a wonderful fish but does give off a particularly unpleasant smell when frying. It was served with bok choy and was superb.