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Below are some of the most enjoyable food we had on our trip. It includes everything from expensive restaurants to street food.

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Food in South America

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Ramos Generales cafe, Ushuaia, [Argentina]

The most heavenly pastries – almond croissants, apple turnovers, bunuelos; anything is good. The coffee is mediocre and the food is not so good either, but for the atmosphere and pastries it is unbeatable.

Intimain, Rivadavia 451, Ushuaia, [Argentina]

This was a very interesting place. An art gallery and cafe rolled into one, they offer a very limited menu with just one hot entree. Since it was almost empty when we were visiting, it was very peaceful. The chef is a very sweet girl and the whole place is very casual.

Cantina El Nautico, Puerto Madryn, [Argentina]

Good place to have shellfish. It is always packed, has a good atmosphere and good service. All the dishes we ordered were very good, although it has more traditional, rather than innovative, food.

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Epoca de Quesos, Tandil, [Argentina]

This place is amazing. Does the photo not make your mouth water? Here you can buy the best fiambres (various cold meats) and cheese from around Tandil. They have a very atmospheric restaurant at the back where you can relax over a plate of sausage and cheese and some excellent Argentinian wine…

La Poesia, Chile 502, Buenos Aires, [Argentina]

This is a nice neighborhood cafe/bar, reminds me somewhat of the cafes in North Beach. Very laid back and great to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine…

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Parilla at the corner of Pasco & Moreno, Buenos Aires, [Argentina]

In Argentina is undoubtedly the land of great meat. Wonderful parillas abound, but our favorite was at the corner of Pasco and Moreno, a small neighborhood place for workers and families alike. Big windows look onto the sidewalk, tables are always overflowing. People in a hurry can be seen wolfing down sandwiches at the window. Delicious smells waft outside from the cook working hard in the kitchen. And, Argentinian style, the whole restaurant is served by one smiling waitress, forcing you to relax and enjoy your food.

Pirilo, Defensa 821, Buenos Aires, [Argentina]

Everyone tells you to enjoy pizza in Buenos Aires. But after the great pizzas of New York, Chicago and Italy, the pizzerias we tried were mere approximations. Until our friends Paola and Luis took us to Pirilo. A stand-up only hole-in-the-wall pizzeria in the famous San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, where you can get a limited choice of pizza mozzarella, foccacia and the Argentinian faina. Sipping sweet “moscato” wine served in tall glasses with the steaming hot pizza, you are transported to another world, of good food enjoyed over stimulating conversation and an easy pace of life.