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FJ Cruiser (6)

Rock Rails
Originally we were not going to get rock rails because of the expense and extra weight, but once we got the hi-lift jack it became too tempting to have all those jack points. I really had liked the Demello Off-Road rails that Steve Dozen had installed on his Voodoo Blue FJ and decided to go with them. Installing rock rails was not as easy as we had thought because the bolt holes were rusted and the parking brake brackets had to be relocated.

The rock rails not only protect the car but can also be used as a step.


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5 Responses to “FJ Cruiser (6)”

  1. As an current FJC owner, I’m absolutely envious of your adventure. Best wishes and God Speed!

    Mark Crawford, Des Moines, Iowa

  2. Eddie Jaimes says:

    Hello and thanks for making such a nice job in the page, Im interesting n going from florida, elpaso, mexico blah blah blah to panama, them ship my vehicle to colombia and keep going south, I would like to get some more detail of the trip especially the shipping part is the noly thing and still scare of, like time in transit, and total time from starting the process to getting the vehicle in coilombia out of the customs, and cost. could you help me ? thanks for your time, eddie.
    I will be traveling in a 2007 4 door toyota tundra.

  3. Shreesh says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Our experience of shipping past the Darien Gap was frustrating but not so daunting as to make me not recommend it to people. There is an agent in Panama called Evelyn Batista that makes it all good. You can read our write-up on the process here:


    Picking up the car in Colombia was done in one VERY long day. Tons of paperwork to do and run around to all kinds off offices. You can read more about it here:


    Good Luck on your expedition!

  4. Ryan L. says:

    I Love the AUX Fuel Tank.
    Any more info. (cost, pics, Function)

  5. Shreesh says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have a small slide show of four pictures at this location:


    When the fuel in main tank runs low, I just pump from the AUX tank into the main tank. I can do this while driving. The system has worked well, without any problems. I believe I paid about $1200 installed. It is a custom job, not the MAF system.

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