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Free At Last

Free at Last

Petrale Sole accompanies
a 1995 Dom Perignon

Free at Last – Broken window follows Ganesh celebrations – a celebratory meal with Dom

Lying on the beach. Reading by the swimming pool. Getting up late and “veggying out”. Alluring as these may sound, our vacations never seem to follow this dream holiday. The few times I have spent the day reading or watching movies, there’s a nagging feeling of precious time wasted. These dream moments are made precious by the very fact that they are rare. Euphoria for me springs from a beautiful view from the top after a rigorous hike or a great wine with a wonderful meal prepared at home. Tranquility seems to follow hard work.

There was certainly no relaxation for us after the last day at work, as we sprang headlong into the frenetic preparations for what could possibly be our last Ganesh in the Bay Area. Invitations, cooking, flower arrangements, buying wines. Receiving guests, maintaining calm, cleaning up. Enjoyable, but definitely not restful.

Sole & Dom

Free at Last – Celebrating with a Dom Perignon

The day after Ganesh wasn’t a day of repose either. Having being woken up by the strident complains of our car alarm, we ran out to find Quixote parked on the street lying in a pool of glass. Cleaning up the car, the sidewalk, calling insurance, getting the window fixed in a garage with a grumpy owner recommended by AAA. Finding a monthly parking spot that would not break the bank. (We gave up by the way, reasonable parking in San Francisco is like the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow).

The next day we felt free at last, having made it to the gym the first time in days. The day was beautiful and we were finally at liberty to do nothing but work on our upcoming trip. We promptly celebrated with Petrale sole in a lemon caper butter sauce, lemon rice with pine nuts and a wonderful bottle of Dom Perignon gifted to us by the ever gracious Steve Hom (aka my boss at Oracle).

4 Responses to “Free At Last”

  1. madhuri says:

    wow, what an eventful week so far! Hope the car damage is recoverable.

  2. shanta says:

    Was great to read about your ganesha get together and see the pictures! All these years I had only heard about it.
    When is your start date for your journey?

  3. Pramod Taskar says:

    Never thought of it. How about trying to get outside grills for all the glass before the “long Drive”? ( Common occurance in underdeveloped countries)


  4. Neena says:

    Hello Daddy,
    We did consider grills but they would really impede the view. Our mistake was leaving the laptop mount clearly visible (it is very easily dismantled); we think that the thief thought there was an actual laptop inside.

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