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Leaving a job is never easy, especially when I know that I will not be seeking another one for at least fifteen months. At the end of those fifteen months I know not what the job market be like. A twenty+ year career in the high-tech industry has provided us with the financial stability for our long expeditions and explorations. It has been a fun ride but now who knows what the future holds for us? Is is a new career in the wine industry? Or will we work in the Antarctic? The possibilities are endless, and fascinating…

I joined Akimbo Systems Inc. when it was a wee startup, when we were in a building that rented “Class B” office space to us. The office continually failed fire inspections so the fire marshal demanded test after test after test and the religious building manager made a sign of the cross whenever she saw us because we were vendors of porn. After our round of funding we moved to a “Class A” building two blocks away which had a nice shrubbery. The shrubbery was a continual source of delight for me, and I started each day with a smile because of it.

If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?

You are not supposed to like your job. You have to complain about it, gripe about it, moan how you don’t want to go to work. At times I have been profoundly unhappy at Akimbo, but for the most part it has been rewarding, comfortable, and satisfying. My friends I will miss you and keep you close to my heart.

Shreesh’s Resignation Letter

Shreesh Taskar
645 Stockton St. #806
San Francisco, CA, 94108
Shreesh@xxxxx.xxx, (415) xxx-xxxx

August 23th, 2007

Mr. Peter Reeves
Director of Engineering
Akimbo Systems Inc.
411 Borel, #100
San Mateo, CA, 94402

Dear Mr. Reeves,

Effective September 15th, 2007, I will be resigning my position of Senior Software Engineer.

It has been a wonderful experience watching Akimbo grow from a tiny startup to where it is today. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to our efforts and it is now time for me to fully dedicate myself to my North and South American Expedition.

With the best of wishes for your success and the warmest of regards,


Shreesh P. Taskar

6 Responses to “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

  1. Erik G. says:

    wow, i’m touched-
    it has been a struggle watching people leave throughout the past few months… people that i have come to care about not only as co-workers, but as dear friends.
    whatever the reason, akimbo attracted an amazingly talented and caring bunch of human beings. that’s rare in any capacity-anywhere.

    shreesh, you have been an interesting person to get to know.
    your off-beat humor and your interests in unconventional thinking and living have always been something that i can relate to.
    you’re kindness and weirdness has made me feel comfortable in some pretty strange situations here at akimbo… thank you.

    traveling through italy and sharing the experience of our friend randy getting married was truly great! i was so happy to have spent the time with you and neena- getting to know you even more in a different country was a profound experience that i’ll carry forever.

    i think you will have the time of your life in the next 15 months!
    discovery and understanding will be the ruler of your world and the mystery of what lies ahead will impower and strengthen your journey.

    i’m glad to call you my friend.


  2. Shreesh says:

    erik –

    At Akimbo we made magic. As we all scatter we all take a little bit of the stardust to whatever is our destination. The magic may be over but our capacity to make it remains…

  3. Steve Rozmus says:


    Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my wife Kelly. I loved working at Akimbo and have nothing but gratitude for the place, the people and the opportunity it gave me — to land on my feet again when I came back from a premature trip to Vermont and the opportunity for me to meet people just like you as well as the whole crew. I made a lot of great friends there and love keeping in touch with them. What you and your wife have planned is awe inspiring and a happy challenge to me and Kelly. In Vermont we are getting exposed to all different cultures and ways of thinking but we both still cannot think of a better cross cultural event than Ganesh and the celebration it is. You both are such welcoming, beautiful people with courage to make the leap into what you want to be doing at this stage in your lives. It ain’t easy leaving a place like SF and the great friends that are there behind, I know, but there is value to it, too. Thank you both for the time in Italy — I loved Sienna and will never forget it. And thank you for this website so we can come back and see how things are going!

  4. Shreesh says:

    steve –

    Now you did it – you dun made me shed a tear! How we have missed you here at Akimbo, your strong opinions and your unusual perspectives. You are following your own dreams, not letting anyone else tell you what to dream.

    The path you have chosen is tough and unconventional and I know you will face many challenges so my wish for you is inner strength and fortitude to overcome any obstacles fate may place in your way. I am eager to follow your career trajectory – you are inspiring.

  5. Chris Lock says:

    Indeed, we made magic, and it is now stardust, as you say. Hopefully on some distant day a supernova of fate will push this stardust into close enough proximity to allow mutual gravitation to create a new region of star birth, in which we will all again emerge… and…
    Thank you Shreesh and Nina for touching my life. Only now in the absence of daily tea do I realize how much of the good part of my job was the companionship of people who are quickly exiting my life. I can’t help but be slightly sad, but I know I will take great pleasure in reading about your journeys, and partying with you upon your return!
    Remember to call me so we can get together before your departure!


  6. Shreesh says:

    Chris –

    Although I am older than you by more than a decade, I feel that I have learned a lot from you. You have been instrumental in getting us prepared for the long drive with your recommendation of the Miata, automotive projects, and correct courses of action.

    You have so much energy and drive and a true life outside work. I take pleasure in continuing to learn about your progress and keeping in touch…

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