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The Circular Ruins


Circular Ruins

The circular ruins at Runkurakay most likely do not exist as it is impossible for man to create such a stunningly beautiful site. (Map this!)

A short and strenuous distance out of camp in the late morning we came upon a site startling in its simplicity and perfection. Its purpose was lost in antiquity – was it a watch tower? A garrison? I think we all know its true purpose.

Perhaps it is there to dream a man, to create him in minute perfection, to every last detail. I think all of us have been to this place during some time or some place either in this life or some other that we know cannot exist.

Pass at Runkurakay

Pass at Runkurakay

The Inka Trail always reveals its treasures slowly and only to those willing to work hard – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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  1. Robin Shaw says:

    Get your heads outta the clouds!!!!!!!

    Be safe… read a book.. RIF… does not mean “Reduction in Force” , though I know your exile is self-imposed. It means, “Reading is Fundamental”… for me, it was all about “Fun” and I am “Mental.”


    Robin ;-p


    Keep the “Bi-Polar Express” (aka, the Sheena FJ-Cruiser) in good shape, as I want to buy it on eBay when you get back! hehe.. .”Sheena”, I like that.. I loved the movie even more :-).


  2. Barbara says:

    Correction to previous message…..I meant the Incan Trail!!

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