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On the shores of Lago Fagnano in Tierra del Fuego we took a picture of all the things we had with us. Mouse over the picture to discover various hotspots that will reveal detail about the items when clicked.

FJ Cruiser Neena Picnic table Cooler Tent Hammocks Backpacks Ortlieb Backpacks Camera Bag 1 Camera Bag 2 Clothes and necessities Medical kit Spare parts and recovery gear Fluids Manuals Books Shoes Snorkeling Gear Tool Bag Spanners Sockets Air Hose


To view the 40.81 megapixel panorama click here.


2 Responses to “Exploring Our Material World”

  1. Luis says:

    I love this picture and the idea of it (read: I will copy). I really like the idea of china and the Riedel glasses, but in our (read: “my”) care they would last all of 20 minutes.

    If you do not mind me asking… How did you program the pop up windows? Is it a WP plug in?

  2. Neena says:

    Hello Luis,
    The idea of the Material World is not ours. It is based on Peter Menzel’s book of the same name. You can copy all you want :)
    It is hard work, however. Scouting a location takes time, especially if you want a good view in the background. Then you will need a pre-test on-location to see how the pictures will turn out. The actual picture took a full day.
    We used a panorama, that seemed to work the best. We used Microsoft’s ICE to stitch the pictures together for the panorama. Individual close-ups were taken also. These were converted into sepia. For creating hotspots in the picture we used mainly the html “area” code. You can view the page source to see how we did it. To get the coordinates used by the “area” command, we used Photoshop, any picture manipulation program should work. For pop-ups used the WP Lightbox plugin.

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