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Border Crossing

The worst border crossing of the entire trip – The Chile-Argentina border close to Parque National Aconcagua.

Six hours waiting in line just to get to the customs and immigration post – this has got to be the worst border crossing that we have encountered. At least the touts and con men in Central America are of entertainment value! Here, at about 10,000 ft, we had to provide our own entertainment; which we did by watching “Scanner Darkly” and “Life of Birds“.

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The worst border crossing so far

3 Responses to “Border Crossing”

  1. fred says:

    Vinay and Lakshmi dropped by. We gave them some books and your mail. Be sure to tell Vinay about A) skiing and B) Your climb of Kilaminjaro (sp?)

  2. Roberto says:

    Aja!!!, some people needs their 15th minutes of fame some where. And this time was the Chilean or Argentinian’s border authority.

    Have a nice trip to Argentina!.

  3. Shreesh says:

    Hi Roberto,

    I think it was the Chileans that were causing the trouble, although when we got there everyone was quite polite and did not check much of our stuff. We must have gotten off lucky because they were checking some returning citizens quite thoroughly.

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