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The delights of eating in Oaxaca – Fried Grasshoppers


The way to eat Chapulines is to wrap them in a tortilla, fry it, cut it in small pieces and eat it with guacamole.

9 Responses to “Chapulines!”

  1. Ada says:

    They look yummy to me. I look forward to trying them sometime on a future trip. Enjoy!

  2. Nina says:

    Is there a way to describe what is the taste like? It likes like those shrimp from the lake to me, wonder if they taste similiar or not.

  3. Jerzy says:

    I hope the grasshoppers go really well with the tequila worms.

  4. Vinay says:

    Did you eat ’em?

  5. madhuri says:

    You can use that picture to hypnotize me anytime!

  6. Shreesh says:

    I have eaten one Chapulino so far. It was of the big variety, like the ones in the picture, and it was a bit too sour for my taste. It was a little chewy, but otherwise did not taste like muchof anything.

    Our land-lady in Oaxaca says that one must remove the back legs first ortherwise they scratch the throat. I did not have that problem but the smaller ones are supposedly tastier. Some Chapuline tacos will be consumed soon…

  7. suhasini taskar says:

    The grasshoppers in the picture reminded me of the locust we ate in Africa (Dar-es-salaam). They were not spiced up but were simply roasted on the tin with the fire underneath. Although they tasted OK, I could eat more than a couple simply because of the thought that they were locust.
    Do you remember about it Shreesh?

  8. Shreesh says:


    I do remember that locust scene quite well. They were roasting them on the material normally used for roofing. Your Christan friend was with us (Dr. Sundar Rajan??) and she made a sign of the cross before popping one in her mouth.

    I recall I removed the head, the wings, and the legs – consuming only the thorax of the beast. Tasted like chicken?

  9. Ian says:

    Dear Shreesh & Neena,

    The smaller, crispier chapulines you can get at some of the restaurants in the Zocolo (with guacamole!) are more appetizing than the rather gross, squelchy spcimens that the Indian ladies sell on the street.

    Bon appetito!

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