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Traveling with Technology


The philosophy of

Staying connected with technology – The philosophy of traveling. (Map this!)

We are driving along mountain highways among fall colors. The beautiful snowy cone of Mt Shasta occasionally peeks through the colorful trees. The vista dissolves into the pastoral plains of Portland spectacularly crowned with Mt Hood in the east and Rainier towards the north. A gentle shower greets us on crossing the Columbia river. We are driving to the strains of “Amadeus”.

Shreesh is making a post. We are connected to the hilt. The Panasonic Toughbook serves as our jukebox, GPS tracker and internet browser. We are connected to our old life almost completely, we can search and locate B&B’s, Toyota dealerships and send emails. The umbilical cord will be forcibly cut shortly when we reach Canada due to the high rates of connection and calling.


Shreesh stays connected with the Toughbook even on the road

I am envious of people who can travel light with just a backpack. Our hobbies and interests require us to carry gear that is either bulky or heavy or both. But in addition to that our baggage reflects a mindset. Some people travel to “get away from it all”; sever, if temporarily, the apron strings of everyday life. I do not want to “get away from it all” I want to experience new things and share it with my friends and family back home. I want to continue to ski and read and hike and I have to take enough baggage with me to allow me to do all that.

I do not think we will ever travel light :)


12 Responses to “Traveling with Technology”

  1. Chris says:

    “…pastoral plains of Portland…”

    Nice alliteration!

  2. Neena says:

    Hey Chris,
    This is what happens when you are in the winddown phase after 2 weeks of extreme stress…Try it sometime :). Although with your hobbies I am sure you do this regularly :)

  3. Fred says:

    One day we’ll all be implanted with all the comm gear in our skulls then we can get back to the backpacking paradigm.

  4. Joan Johnson says:

    So pleased to follow in your footsteps -and – you being “hooked up” to all the comforts of technology makes it all possible. I was simply “blown away” as you gave me the grand tour of the Toyota. Actually, your tour could be a very good advertising plug for them – which – or course, you have already contacted them. Be safe from your elderly grandparents – DJ and JJ

  5. Trainer Bob says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great shot of Shasta. Ok, I know your journey has just started. But do a search for the Haute Route. I’m planning the trip for my big 50th in 2010. I think you guys would love the Haute Route.

  6. sudhir tamhane says:

    Dear Neena,
    While you are indeed encumbered by the modern technological paraphernellia ( & to safegaurd it during the journey), your travels in your FJ cruiser allows you to comparatively easily visit innumerable countries & cultures. Remember Chinese travellers Fa Hien (in the 5th century) & Huen Tsang (in the 7th century) had to travel on Horseback,by bullackcart & on foot,for scores of years to experience only one country;India.

  7. Shelia Scott says:

    We hike the uncharted back roads, climb the highest mountains, dive the deepest sea’s, fly our home made planes, and when we are lost or stranded, that tiny chip within the cell phone, provided there is a signal can sometimes bring us home.., traveling with technology

    Have a great time!

  8. Neena says:

    All we need are skin and foot implants so that we do not have to carry bulky -20 degree sleeping bags and down coats!
    Trainer Bob,
    We are on for Haute Route. Fred has done it already.
    Joan and David,
    It was lovely meeting you. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to relax!
    We have a satellite phone just in case! 😉 Would you believe that AT&T charges 3c a KB for intl data access?

  9. Pramod Taskar says:

    Hi, Some time I feel that technology had made us machines. Your use of technology has wonderful effect on me. Please post some of the beautiful phtographs of silent beauty of US land scape and tell us how to retrive.


  10. Alan Lam says:

    Technology is good but sometimes it is also a burden. Did Ya move to Seattle?

  11. Vinay says:

    Very nice! Keep them coming. I think you are travelers after my own heart. Not that I am much of a traveler but I would prefer to travel like you do too! Getting away has this whole negative feel to it.

  12. Neena says:

    Hey Alan!
    Yes, Ya moved to Seattle. In fact we visited him. He works for Microsoft now.

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