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Are we done (packing) yet?

So Many boxes!

Living with

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a home to live…

They say that you should conquer a seemingly unconquerable task by breaking it into smaller, more do-able tasks. What they don’t tell you is that you have to focus on those little tasks. I learnt this the hard way during our recent packing experience. We dutifully created smaller tasks but I couldn’t keep from reminding myself every five minutes…”First, we pack the speakers, then the vases, then the china.. (oh – Shreesh wants to do all the albums too?), then we pitch all unecessary stuff. That means – lets see… the three storage closets downstairs, then the bedroom closet, then the kitchen, then – ohmigod – the walk in closet – what do we do with all the towels? and sheets? and all that junk? aaarrrggghhhhh!”
Well, so much for the small tasks!

Oh, how I love corrugated boxes, tape dispensers, and box cutters.

Thank God for Ada. She came to help us the last day before the packers arrived and kept us focused so that with a little effort (read four hours of sleep) we were pretty much ready for the packers the next day. Then it was Shreesh’s turn to stress out…”Will my stuff be ok?” But I drew a long sigh of relief. It finally feels as if we are almost ready to begin our adventure…

4 Responses to “Are we done (packing) yet?”

  1. Fred says:

    Wow, the place looks even more nekkid than Thursday. Its a little sad, we drank some stellar wines in that tiny little crib of yours!

  2. Sir Rozmus says:

    I envy you not! Kelly and I had a hard enough time just cutting down some stuff and moving it across country. You guys have a bigger job if you ask me! And one well worth doing. Just leave time to mend paper cuts.

  3. sudhir tamhane says:

    Dear Neena & Shreesh,
    What have you done about your precious orchids?

  4. Shreesh says:

    Fred –
    We sure had some good times here. I will miss this apartment and the stellar bay view. I particularly remember the Rieslings from the seventies, Bordeaux from the eighties, and fine dessert wines…

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