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Chest Thumping!


An abuse of dummies takes place. A shocking experience described.(Map this!)

A CPR certification is required by the W-EMT program and so we spent this weekend thumping on the chests of plastic and rubber CPR dummies. The program was run by the San Francisco Paramedic Association and featured five hours of CPR instruction which was quite a cardio workout.

When we walked in the floor had a bunch of dummies on it so it looked like it was strewn with hemicorporectomy victims. We selected our dummy close to the front of class and practiced our chest compressions – 30 compressions followed by two breaths. It was tiring work with the paramedics alternating between praise and abuse. I defibrillated the dummy’s gut, Neena couldn’t get the chest to rise.


Dummies, Strewn About

CPR is Mighty Hard Work!

The AED Packs a Punch!

At the end we had to pass an exam with twenty questions. Both of us passed with 95% grades and earned our CPR cards!

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