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The Corral Hollow run presents some interesting problems. Mt. Reba is tame by comparison.(Map this!)

When the tires are not fully inflated care must be taken to not drive too fast on asphalt as this can cause the tire to heat up, or make any sudden turns at high speed as this can cause the bead to pop. The caravan of FJ Cruisers, one each of every color in the 2007 model year, moved slowly to the Corral Hollow trail head. The trial was rated as “Moderate”, similar to a blue run in skiing.

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A Quiet Meadow.

Two other FJs join us for lunch.

The trail turned out to be much more challenging than Steve expected. There was one steep climb that caused the A-TRAC to kick in. There were large boulders strewn about and Neena accidently went over a tree stump. Rusty purposely went over a tree stump and got high-centered. Cedric proudly winched him off with his Warn winch and after the recovery he thanked Rusty for giving him the opportunity to use his winch!

The Mount Reba trail was rated as “Easy” according to the book. Scott from the new FJ group led the climb that wound up the mountain and reached the summit with a spectacular view. There were two spots in steep sections where spinning tires had caused big pits, but again, the A-TRAC to the rescue and we were up in no time. The FJ was truly an amazing vehicle.

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Potatomutato goes vroom!

Its an FJ Summit!

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