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Slickrock Trail

They trudge part way down the Slickrock Trail. At a very tippy point they turn back. Prudently.(Map this!)

Fear is an emotion that can be crippling. Sometimes it stands between you and your objective and tells you “Its not possible”, or “You are not good enough to do this task”, or ten thousand other confidence sapping things. When I planned this expedition I had all sorts of fears – how will I deal with corrupt cops, or border crossings, or break downs, or thieves and robbers. Will I find a job when I get back, if I get back? The fears concern mostly that which I know little about; all can be categorized as one type of fear, the fear of the unknown.

The only cure for this fear is to try. When I try something new I learn and gradually it exits the realm of the unknown and lessens the fear associated with it. Many times I realize that there was no reason to fear this new experience in the first place, that it was simply an unfounded fear of the unknown, keeping me from experiencing new pleasures or seeing beauty that would have remained unseen.

Adventure begins. Stair Steppin’. This ain’t no elliptical trainer!

The start of the Slickrock trail. Black Diamond.

The FJ stepping over a wee rough patch.

From the beginning the trail was challenging. I requested help from others on the team to spot me through areas I did not feel comfortable with – they responded willingly and patiently. We passed several spots that could have damaged the sides of our truck and a particularly tricky stair-step obstacle.

Babbling brook calms tension

A respite for lunch

After our peaceful repast the going got rough as a looming narrow granite gap could tip over an FJ if the driver wasn’t careful. DaPitbull got himself wedged in the gap and the FJ lifted the rear wheel, threatening to go over. Potatomutato and I climbed up on his rig to balance it from tipping and he made it through the problem area.

Get on the car! Whatcha doin’ Ikaika?

Its all about balance!

Ray stacks rocks for Rusty, with Ikaika assisting.

After watching the lads pick their way through the constriction we decided to call it a day. I believe I said “I don’t think I’m signing up for this. Actually let me rephrase that. I am NOT signing up for this” Steve, the ever gracious and responsible leader offered to escort us out, but we had learned enough to make it out on our own.

You can read what happened to those who continued here.

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