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Videoblog: The Pantanal

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A swampy paradise – Tranpantaneira – Dangerous Jobs for Women. (Map this!)

The Pantanal is a tropical wetland in Brazil, a swampy paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. During the rainy season, a large part of the Pantanal is inaccessible due to flooding. The Transpantaneira road is a gravel road 147 kms long with almost as many bridges spanning it. Inspite of this, most of the road is impassable in the rainy season.

Most of the Pantanal is working farms. We stayed at the comfortable Araras Lodge, where one of the episodes of the reality show “Dangerous Jobs for Women” was shot. In this particular episode, some high-flying British women try to show the cowboys that they can easily do in 10 days what the cowboys spent a lifetime learning to do. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it was interesting seeing the life behind the scenes – cowboys having to heard many hundreds of cows through chest deep water in the rainy season. The Pantanal horses are specially adapted to wade through water, somewhat like the sherpas of Nepal have adapted to high altitude.

The Pantanal

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  1. fred says:

    I too share your rage about Mumbai. Terrorists win when we allow ourselves to be terrorized. I for one refuse to be terrorized, I refuse to dance to their tune.

  2. Shreesh says:

    But what does it mean, refuse to be terrorized? We know that the chances of us being killed or injured in a terrorist attack is very small, so there is no reason to be afraid, per se.

    Maybe the best response to terrorism is not to be goaded into a wrathful act that we may regret later. A cool, calculated, and systematic response is needed to undermine the support the terrorists have.

  3. fred says:


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