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Eruption – Destruction – Disturbance.

Volcán Chaitén erupted in May 2008. The volcanic ash combined with a nearby river creating a “lahar”, a volcanic mudflow with the consistency of wet cement, destroying everything in its path. Now the town of Chaitén is facing new challenges. The volcano is still very much active, and the government is concerned that there will be more mudslides come March. The decision has been made to relocate Chaitén.

The Chaitenos have been receiving financial help from the government, although the electricity and water situation remains grim. They have until June this year to move.

What the Chaitenos really want is involvement in the decisions that the government is making for them. They are not convinced of the government’s argument that Chaiten is unviable. Chaitén will probably eventually have to move. How much longer will the Chaitenos protest? This remains to be seen.


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