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A Farewell to the Maya


At Copan

A major phase comes to an end – Santo Domingo vs. Maya Ruins

For the past few months we have been exploring the ruined cities of the Maya. Quirigua and Copan, which grew in splendid isolation, were the last of the major sites that we visited. Hopefully our obsession with this corner of archaelogy did not bore you all too much :)

As a farewell I present this photo essay contrasting the beautifully maintained, but slightly Disneyesque ruins of the Santo Domingo church in Antigua, with the ultimate Maya sites we visited.

Santo Domingo, Quirigua, and Copan
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7 Responses to “A Farewell to the Maya”

  1. Sevda says:

    Heeeey you guys,

    We are sooo sorry but on a stupid way we missed the ferry to la Ceiba at 2 o clock!!!! We are sooooooooooooo sorry and feel soo stupid right now!!!!

    We will have to take the ferry tomorrow morning at 6 here in Utila to be there around 7 o clock!!! We would really really appreciate it if we could still have a lift with you guys to nicaragua. Is that still possible??? We can check our mail tonight if we can meet at the harbour in la ceiba tomorrow morning or if we should come to your hotel. Which place were you staying at in La Ceiba??? Could you please let us know!??? Thank you sooo very much!!

    Sev and Dirk!!

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for this blog. I’ve been studying the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, etc, peoples, as a new hobby. You’ve shared a lot. Best wishes.

  3. Sandro Gya Aruna Govinda says:

    OM shanti shanti shanti
    Tanti tanti auguri di salute, gioia e felice viaggio
    sempre nei nostri mcuori
    La Familia Sandrelli dei tempi belli

  4. Vinay says:

    Your photo essays have been wonderful! Thanks for the treats!

  5. Neena says:

    Sev and Dirk, It was fun having you guys! Good luck on your travels.
    Sandro, Grazie per i saluti. Ricordiamo la buonissma cena sempre.

  6. Neena says:

    I have added a higher resolution version of the slideshow.

  7. michal and benzi says:

    Hi guys!
    We are back in Israel,after a good visit in NYC.
    It was a pleasure to look at your site
    We notice that you did enjoy Santo Domingo.
    WE will follow you and wish you an interesting and safe trip

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