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Shreesh Taskar

Man in a
Yellow Jacket

And they’re off! 7.2 miles into the long drive! (Map this!)

Yay! We are now on the road, although we are just 7.2 miles from the Golden Gate, our official starting point. Our friend Barbara Kosnar was kind enough to extend an invitation to stay at her place on the way back, little did she know that we would take advantage of it on the way up! At 12:00 midnight the apartment becomes the responsibility of Skyline Properties and we are on the road.

In many ways this 7.2 miles has been one of the longest distances we have traveled – it has been eighteen months in the making, all that packing and preparing. It has been an amazing learning experience and we hope that our preparations are adequate for the trip. Most of our belongings are now either at Pier 27 in San Francisco or at Mike Andrade’s garage in Hayward. Do we really need all those things and were they worth all the pain we went through to pack and store them? In the end its just stuff…

In Mill Valley

We didn’t get very far, but we were with friends!

The view and life in Mill Valley is beautiful and tranquil. So much changes just a short distance away. Things are certainly not going according to plan, but we knew that already. If everything had gone exactly as expected then we wouldn’t be challenging ourselves as much, not learning as much.

9 Responses to “A Small Step for Man… Well, A Small Step”

  1. Bipin Pradhan says:

    Hi Shreesh & Neena,
    Good luck on your long drive.

    Bipin & Prachi Pradhan
    Eden Prairie, MN.

  2. Fred says:

    At long last! We’re keeping an eye on you – so have fun!

  3. Kevin says:

    How exciting to finally begin your trek! Please be safe and good luck.

  4. Paul Toney says:

    Shreesh! I was wondering when this trip was going to start … Glad to hear you’re on the road. The eyes of the world are upon you! Cheers!

  5. madhuri says:

    Congratulations on the take off!

  6. Vinay says:

    Yay! Here’s wishing you more things that won’t go according to plan, to give you new, rich experiences and memories

  7. Shreesh says:

    It was a little embarrassing admitting that we only got 7.2 miles on the first day, but hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?

    Currently heading North on hwy. 99, towards Red Bluff.

  8. Arvind & Pushpa says:

    At last you are now road worthy!Keep it up!

  9. Ya Wen says:

    Shreesh & Neena:

    I am in no way to even remotely imagine what those 7.2 miles meant for you guys, but I know for sure it marks the beginning of an exciting journey ahead, a journey that would decorate your life so much richer. Jack London said: the function of man is to live, not to exist! Best Wishes and Good Luck on the Road!

    My home in Seattle will be your accomodation anytime, but first, I will see you guys on the 24th…


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