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Quixote gets a face-lift

FJ side view thumb

Quixote’s lift

Bull Bars and Winches – Air Horn Alarms – Cargo Barriers and Compressors – Batteries, Inverters and Fuel tanks – Quixote gets a lift

Bull Bars. Winches. Come-alongs. Hi-lift jacks. What would we need for our trip? We decided to engage Harald Pietschmann – the ultimate of 4×4 expedition guru – to advise us as well as give us some 4 wheel driving tips. The result of this training was an extremely enjoyable experience, Neena no longer scared of starting a manual shift on San Francisco roads and a big list of changes for the FJ!

Out with the running boards, in with a 3″ lift! The 88 lb Gobi roof rack was supposed to hold our sleeping accommodations (we have since discarded the idea). For the fuel tank and other mods we decided to use the very talented Troy Hoffer . Quixote is now the proud possessor of a second fuel tank of equal capacity, a second battery system, an 800W inverter and a very cool on board air compressor to air up tires on the road!. Oh! Not to forget BudBuilt’s extra strong skid plates! What about security, you say? Quixote’s cry of alarm will be heard a mile away!

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