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Food for the stomach…

And food for the brain.

Vinay Yadappanavar joined us today and brought all kinds of goodies. Indian snacks, which we have missed a lot…and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of them. And books. Good books in English are hard to find (understandably so) in Central and South America. The pitiable English section in most bookstores contains bestsellers and sometimes translations of the most famous Spanish authors. Now we have a supply that will last the trip. Thanks Fred, Ada, Lakshmi and Vinay!


Indian snacks and English books

2 Responses to “Food for the stomach…”

  1. fred says:

    It is hard to express how powerful the drive to read something in your own language can become. I remember reading the trashiest Boddice Ripper novel in Lukla Nepal and loving it, just because it was in English.

  2. Shreesh says:

    Hi Fred,

    Yes, it was tough for the both of you in Lukla, without exit papers, no definite time on when to get out. The waiting was interminable and no Rick´s cafe to pass your time!

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