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Montana border

“Welcome back! Hope you do not get hit by an exploding tree!” – US Customs officer at the Montana border.

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  1. alger swingley says:

    Hi folks,
    Sorry to hear about your accident with the Elk. Glad you are safe
    I met you just below the Canada border in Babb Mt.
    You followed me over Looking Glass Highway to East Glacier. It was snowing a bit but I still remember the hesitation when you saw the Road Closed sign and just kept going over the rocks and snow with no gaurd rails. I posted a note to you that next day but did not hear from you guys. Hope to keep track of your travels. I am in California right now but will be back working on my lodge next week.
    Call if you are coming back to Glacier Park as I remember you missed it due to weather. We are located 6 miles below Canada on Hwy 89 @ the junction to Waterton National Park inb heart of the Blackfeet Reservation
    Alger Swingley 951-757-8887
    Northermost Chief Mountain We have great country to see by car,foot,horseback,ATV tours

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